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Cheating in men is common. It is how they take us women for a ride and we become the fools in the story. I say to us women let’s be smart. Smart and not gullible cheating-husband-listings-020310because we will be mislead by men. This brings me to my point, there is a smart and brilliant way to catch a cheating spouse or partner. Doing a easy reverse cell phone number lookup is a great way to bust a cheating spouse discreetly. I am sure you are tired of crying and constantly being nervous over your spouse’s whereabouts and if they are with another lover. With this technique I tried are sure to get results fast and finally know the truth.
Now before I go into it, you have to tell yourself that you will not be a victim of a cheating partner. You are the one that ends up hurt. Ignoring these signs result in heartbreak, wreaked marriage, suicides and worse. Wake up and smell the coffee. I am well aware of these feelings and I have dealt with them. This can be exhausting both emotionally and physically. My husband was a honest and loving man, but even those can go wrong.

We were three years into our marriage and we were doing fantastic. His character was great, he was social and charitable, but he could not seem to escape the attention of his female friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. You know, being married to this man for three years, I knew his scents and behavior patterns. I knew how he smelled when he was clean and sweaty. I even knew his distinct smell after a long day of hard work.
Now we women know when our husbands come home smelly like anything else but work. One day a different smell lingered into the house upon his arrival and set off my alarm. I just couldn’t ignore this floral scent. To make it worse, the next time he came home, it was more powerful and this had replaced his normal one. This made me check out his cell phone, while he wasn’t looking. I am a big fan of communication and I believe if he can’t communicate with me about the chick he is messing with then I’ll take it into my own hands. I figured if he was truly cheating, then they were most certainly communicating. In most cases, these kind of messages and phone calls disappear, but if you have a husband like mine he will mess up at least once and not delete them. I decided to check his sent messages because there must be a replied text or two to this individual. I found two numbers that always seemed to show up. This is the point I knew that I wanted to trace the phone number; I needed to make sure my assumptions were correct!
I wrote down the numbers and turned to Google for answers. Regrettably, I did not get the desired results because there were many crazy sites that claimed to solve my problem, but none did. I decided to spend a dime and get it done the right way. Well, my worst nightmare had come true; my husband was cheating on me with two women, Cynthia and Rosette. I also found out that both of them came to my home and have even been in my bed! I was furious and appalled! The other chick was a server at his favorite coffee shop. Interestingly enough, I never suspected a thing between them. I found her address, Google map location and full names and I confronted the lady! I won’t go into detail about what happened next. What I want you to know is that you don’t have to go through the same thing that I did, all you have to do have your respect for yourself and say goodbye once you find out he is a cheater. Check out if you want to do this, take care and I have I helped you all today! Stay tuned for my next blog!